Voices is our exclusive series of interviews with Madonna's closest collaborators. It's the record of our chats with her producers, cowriters, dancers, backing singers, cd covers' designers, photographers and tours' designers. These honest talks often reveal an image of Madonna you have never known before.

read now Bobby Woods

Bobby Woods worked for Madonna during her most glorious days. He talks with us about his duties as Boy Toy's Executive Producer and shares some tidbits from the set of Deeper and Deeper video he directed.

read now Guy Sigsworth

British producer talks about his collaboration with Madonna and their two singles What it Feels Like For A Girl and Nothing Fails.

read now Monte Pittman

 Monte Pittman talks about writing Easy Ride with Madonna and how he remembers her shows in Poland.

read now Jeri Heiden

The designer of True Blue and The Immaculate Collection covers talks about the process of designing for Madonna.

read now Luis Sanchis

Spanish photographer talks with us about his photoshoot with Madonna for her Nothing Really Matters single and his unique style.

read now Steve Sidelnyk

Steve Sidelnyk is one of the funniest musicians who worked with Madonna. Her long-time drummer told us about touring with Queen of Pop and if he ever did any mistake during the concert! 

read now Mihran

Amazingly talented dancer shares with us what he learned from the Queen of Pop and which performance he will always remember!

read now Jean Baptiste

Producer and songwriter talks about working with Madonna and William Orbit on two MDNA tracks: I'm A Sinner and Love Spent.

read now Abel Korzeniowski

Amazing story about the collaboration of Polish composer and pop icon. Abel told us which MDNA Tour song is Madonna's favourite.

read now Niki Haris

Madonna's longtime vocalist remembers her time with the Queen of Pop with us and talks about the time they spent together off stage.

read now Moment Factory

Montreal based agency Moment Factory is the one who designed Super Bowl Halftime Show and MDNA Tour! And those guys are amazing!

read now Laurie Mayer

The co-writer of Falling Free track talks with us about how this song came out and how her longtime collaboration with William Orbit was born.

read now Donna De Lory

With amazing Donna De Lory we are talking about spirituality and light, music and mantras and her collaboration with Madonna.

read now Kalakan

 The trio behind the MDNA Tour amazing male vocals and spiritual atmosphere in the opening act.

something to remember

Madonna seriously. Everything what's epic, iconic and what you must remember.


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